Know the way to make cardamom juice, this benefits from drinking


Cardamom is very beneficial for our health, if you drink a drink of cardamom, then health will get many benefits. By the way, cardamom is present in all households. Its effect is cold.

In many dishes, people use cardamom to enhance the taste. Use of cardamom juice is beneficial for health. Firstly grind cardamom. Then heat the powdered cardamom in water.

When the water starts boiling. Then filter it and add sugar to it. Then keep this drink in freeze. Drink two spoons of cardamom drink in a glass of water daily. Let us know that there are many benefits to health by drinking these drinks.

– The effect of heat is also reduced by consuming its drink.

Drinking its drink relieves many skin problems.

– It has antiinflammatory properties which help in relieving joint pain.

Drinking cardamom will relieve acidity.

– If these drinks are consumed by the heart patients, then health will be benefited. Because drinking it keeps cholesterol levels under control

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