Know, what is cervical cancer and its symptoms?


Many diseases occur in women. Nowadays, the fastest breast cancer is more then the most spreading disease is cervical cancer. This disease is spreading so fast that one in every fifty women is found to be the victim of this disease. At the same time, according to a report, about 45 percent women do not know about this disease. Because of that more women are losing their lives. In this case, it is more important to know about this. So let’s know what is this dangerous disease after all-

What is Cervical Cancer:

The cervical canal thrives in the cervical cells at the bottom of the uterus. Cervical cancer affects the lining of the cervix. Human papilloma virus (HPV) is believed to be the biggest cause of cervical cancer. Apart from this, it can also be caused by smoking, pregnancy.

Cervical Cancer Symptoms:

1- Excess pain or bleeding during intemation

If you are experiencing more pain or bleeding at the time of integration, then understand that these are the early signs of cervical cancer.

2- High back pain

If you have back pain due to any injury or stretch, then it can be a symptom of cervical cancer.

3- Lower abdominal pain

Usually during periods there is pain in the lower abdomen. But if you have pain without periods, contact the doctor.

4- bleeding between periods

If you have bleeding other than periods, a doctor should be contacted immediately.

5- Bleeding in postmenopausal women

If bleeding occurs after monopause, do not take it lightly.

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6- Rapid weight loss

Rapid weight loss can also be a cause of cervical cancer.

7- Excess tiredness

It can also be a sign of cancer if you feel very tired without doing much work.

Let us tell you that these symptoms can also be caused by some other disease. So, if you see something like this then definitely see a doctor.

Cervical Cancer Causes:

The most common cause of human papilloma virus is cervical cancer. There are about 100 types of this virus.

If your immunity is weak then you can be a victim of this cancer. Taking birth control medication also increases the risk of cervical cancer in women.

How to avoid cervical cancer (Cervical Cancer Prevention Tips in Hindi):

  • If the early symptoms of cervical cancer are known, it can be treated. Therefore every woman should do her regular checkup.
  • Pap smear test must be done every three years
  • Take such things so that your immunity system works faster.
  • Quit smoking at all.
  • Include more fruits and vegetables in your diet.
  • Do yoga daily with exercises.
  • In 90 per cent of cases of women, the infection is caused by a virus called ‘human papilloma’. Which you can avoid by vaccine.


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