Solar Eclipse 2021: Know what to do and not to do even in partial solar eclipse!

Solar Eclipse / Symbolic Image (Photo Credits: Paxabay)

On the day of Amavasya, when the Moon comes between the Sun and the Earth, a solar eclipse occurs. when the moon completely covers the sun, Then the situation is called a total solar eclipse, but when the moon does not completely cover the sun’s shadow, then the sun looks like a shining ring, it is called annular eclipse. Although this time a partial solar eclipse is happening in India. And Sutak period is not valid. But some situations are being created in such a way that while you must do some work during the solar eclipse period, then some work should also be avoided. Let’s know what to do and what not to do.

never do this

* Whether there is a partial solar eclipse or a total solar eclipse, it should not be seen with the naked eye. If you want to see the view of the solar eclipse, then you will be able to see the view of the solar eclipse in its reflection in a worn glass or bucket of water. This will keep your eyes safe.

* The idols of deities should not be touched or worshiped at the time of solar eclipse. Due to this the idols get contaminated, it is better to cover the temple with a screen during the eclipse period.

* partial Pregnant women should also stay away from any kitchen work during solar eclipse. Even needle thread or sewing work should not be done.

* One should not pass through any deserted or graveyard etc. during the solar eclipse period, because it is said that negative forces are very effective during the eclipse period, the possibility of a major accident cannot be ruled out.

* No new or demanding work should be done during the eclipse period. The chances of success in the work done with this are almost nil.

* Avoid eating anything during the solar eclipse period.

* hair oil during eclipse, hairstyle, To make love, to brush, Squeezing clothes etc. should be avoided.

must do this

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* Tulsi leaves should be put in the food and milk etc. prepared before the eclipse starts. Due to this, the eclipse does not affect them.

* Immediately after the eclipse is over, all the members of the house must take a bath. The temple of the house should be purified by sprinkling Gangajal.

* To avoid the bad effects of the eclipse, after the eclipse is over, the poor or Brahmins should be fed food or donated clothes and food.

* According to Hindu religion, the house should be cleaned thoroughly as soon as the eclipse period is over. Due to this, the negative forces activated during the eclipse enter the houses. Cleanliness automatically eliminates those negative energies.

* All the clothes worn at the time of eclipse should be worn after taking bath.

* After the eclipse is over, after reading the source of Shiva, worship should be done.

* After the eclipse is over, feeding green grass to the cow, grains etc. to the birds gives virtuous fruits.

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