Knowing the reason for white color on the trees on the way, you will go to the square


Lifestyle Desk. Friends, you have often seen traveling on the highway, that many pedos on both sides of the road have white color. However, most people forget it as a common thing. But friends, there is a big reason behind the white color on these pedos. Friends, for the information, let us tell you that cracks usually occur in trees and their bark starts coming out, due to which the trees become weak. Friends, this is why the pedo on the road is painted white, so that their strength remains. Apart from this, the trees along the roadside of the Friends National Highway are also painted white due to this so that they can be easily visible to the drivers in the dark of night. Apart from this, friends also show that these trees are owned by the forest department, that is, it is the property of the paid forest department.


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