Late night dinner is the biggest reason for this disease


Nowadays there is so much change in lifestyle that the youth eat their evening meal only at midnight. But eating midnight also causes many diseases. If you also eat food at midnight, then be careful and read all these things.

If you eat late at night, it directly affects your digestive power. Due to which the stomach is not clean, hemorrhoids constipation and colon and intestinal diseases can occur. Due to lack of proper digestion of food, unrefined food gets stored in the body in the form of cholesterol. This is the most important reason for obesity.

A late night meal can cause stomach and chest irritation and acidity, which also affects the heart and blood pressure. Therefore, try to eat food at night and avoid these diseases.

The advice of the expert is that we should sleep for about two hours after having food. In the meantime if possible, you should take a walk, but if you eat late then when will you walk and when will you sleep? This habit of eating and sleeping late at night can cause high BP.

Eating late at night does not make you feel sleepy enough, due to which your mental health also falls. The brain does not get enough rest, resulting in irritability and anger.


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