Maharashtra Day 2021: Know how many struggles and martyrdom Maharashtra was born?

Maharashtra Day 2021 (Photo Credits: File Image)

Maharashtra Day 2021: After the year 1947, when the country became independent, India was divided into small feudal states. After independence, it started restructuring on the basis of different languages. There is also a state Maharashtra (Maharashtra), which was fully formed on May 1, that is why we celebrate Maharashtra Day (Maharashtra Diwas) on May 1 every year. Marathi speakers celebrate their culture and traditions on this day. This year Maharashtra will celebrate its 61st anniversary, but perhaps less people will know how many agitations and bloodshed took place for the establishment of Maharashtra (Maharshtra Formation). Come, learn the story of the struggle and martyrdom behind its foundation day.

Maharashtra born of movements

The states of Maharashtra and Gujarat were formed under the States Reorganization Act 1956. Based on this act, Kannada speakers got Mysore (now Karnataka), Telugu languages ​​Andhra Pradesh, Malayalamis got Kerala and Tamil people got Tamil Nadu. But Marathi and Gujarati languages ​​did not get their own separate state. Then people of both languages ​​started a movement to demand a separate state for themselves. In the year 1960, many movements took place in this context. Finally, on May 1, 1960, the Government of India declared Gujarat and Maharashtra as separate states on the basis of Marathi and Gujarati speakers.

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Struggle over their respective supremacy over Mumbai

After the declaration of the state of Maharashtra and Gujarat, the movement did not stop, because the real fight was about the domination of the original Bombay (today’s Mumbai). Marathi speakers argued that the number of Marathi speakers in Bombay is high, that is why Bombay should be under Maharashtra. On the other hand, Gujarati speakers said that Gujaratis have a big hand in building Bombay, so it should be included in Gujarat. Whereas the then Prime Minister Pt. Jawaharlal Nehru wanted to make Mumbai a Union Territory like Delhi. It is said that a strong movement broke out between Gujaratis and Marathas over the supremacy over Bombay. According to sources, 105 Marathi martyrs were killed in this movement. Eventually, due to being a Marathi speaking majority, Bombay was declared a part of Maharashtra. Also Read: Maharashtra Din 2021 Rangoli Designs: Make Maharashtra Day special with beautiful rangoli, see easy and latest designs


How do you celebrate Maharashtra day?

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Every year on May 1st, the Government of Maharashtra holds a public holiday on the occasion of Maharashtra Day. Most schools, colleges and offices are closed on this day. A huge parade is organized at the Dadar Shivaji Park at the beginning of the day. In this, the soldiers of the State Governor, State Reserve Police, Home Guards, Mumbai Police, BMC Force and Traffic Police participate in the parade. All kinds of programs are organized here, showcasing the culture and traditions of Maharashtra.

On this day, after paying tribute to the martyrs, the flag is hoisted at the respective district headquarters in the presence of dignitaries. Individuals from various fields such as sportspersons, artists, police officers and doctors are awarded with citations for their remarkable work,

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On this special occasion of Maharashtra Day, traditional Lavani performances on various forums as well as poems written by Marathi saints are recited. Processions are taken out from place to place, and new companies, projects are launched. Incidentally, on this day, the whole world also celebrates International Workers’ Day.



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