Learn how to cure 'black fungus' infection in corona patients

Black fungus (photo credit: twitter)

Many new diseases are coming with the new mutants of Kovid-19. Recently, a disease named ‘Mucor Mycosis’ is in discussion. Actually, it is a kind of ‘fungus’ or ‘fungus’. It attacks those who are taking medicines due to any health problem and due to these medicines their immunity or immunity of the body is reduced. This fungal infection starts from the nose, then reaches the eyes and then goes to the brain, but there is nothing to panic. If symptoms are identified at the right time, then its treatment is also possible.

Mucar mycosis is possible

According to NITI Aayog member (health) Dr VK Paul, this infection is caused by a fungus named ‘mukkar’ and hence we call it ‘mukor mycosis’. Dr. Paul explains, “It is found to a large extent in diabetes patients, if you do not have diabetes, then there is very little chance that you will have to face it.” It is not seen that there is any big outbreak happening. We are watching it. This is a curative disease. “

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He further said that if a diabetic patient is taking immune suppressive (suppress immunity) medicines, steroids, or has cancer, then the effect of mucor mycosis is more on that person. Actually, medicines like Dexamethasone, Prednisolone, Methylpredisolone, Dexona are taken for the treatment of Kovid-19 disease. These drugs suppress our immune system. When a covid-infected patient is put on oxygen support, it has a humidifier, which contains water, which increases the likelihood of a fungal infection.

Dr. VK Paul says about its rescue, “Those who have sugar disease will have to keep it under control. We have told the administration about steroids not to give it to the patient at the beginning of Kovid-19. Steroids should not be given unnecessarily. It should be given after the sixth day and only give it to the patient for a specified period. “

ICMR issued advisory

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The ICMR has also issued advisory regarding testing and treatment of mucor mycosis. In this, he has talked about its symptoms, prevention and remedy. If someone is complaining of pain in the eyes and nose or the area around it is red, with fever, headache, cough and problems in breathing, then the infected person is suffering from vomiting of blood. If there is a problem of etc., it may be due to mucor mycosis. In the advisory, it has been said that when going to the dusty place, first wear a mask before going to the dusty place. Wear clothes and shoes that cover the body completely. Also read: Early Morning Tips: Take these things first on an empty stomach in the morning, you can stay away from fatal diseases

Which people are more vulnerable?

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-Diabetes patients

– People who consume steroids more

– Patients living in ICU for a long time

-If you are a victim of some serious disease and you are comorbid due to transplant or any other health problem.

-Post transplants and people with malignancies

People with voriconazole therapy

What are the symptoms?

– Sinus problems, nasal congestion

-Sudden breakdown of teeth, half face numb

-Black water or bleeding from the nose

– Eyes swelling, blurring

-Pain in pain, pleural effusion

Having trouble breathing


Preventive measures

-Check your blood sugar level after recovering from Kovid and keep it under control

-Use steroids only after doctor’s advice

Seek doctor’s advice on how to use antibiotics and antifungal medicines

If taking oxygen, use only clean water in a humidifier.

– Keep hyperglycemia under control

– Immunity Booster Discontinue Drugs

-If antifungal prophylaxis is not required, do not take it

To treat this, keep your body hydrated, do not let the lack of water


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