Learn, medicinal properties and religious significance of Parijat plant


Parijat is a medicinal plant, which is used in worship. Prime Minister Narendra Modi has planted Parijat in the pollination of Ram temple. It is said about this plant that Parijat plant was planted by Devraj Indra in heaven. The second Naan of Parijat is Harsingar. The flowers of Parijat are very fragrant, have short palms and are white in color. The center of the flower has a bright orange color. This plant is shrubby, its leaves as well as its flower have therapeutic properties. Its flowers are beneficial in eye problems. Parijat is also used to increase appetite and to relieve other digestive disorders. Parijat flower is also the state flower of West Bengal. Let us know that the plant of Parijat can be used medicinally for which disease-

Curing cough with Parijat leaves

You can use the leaf of the Parijat tree as an Ayurvedic medicine for cough. Make a powder of 500 mg Parijat bark. Cough is cured by taking it.

Effective treatment of hemorrhage

Some people have hemorrhage, meaning there is a problem of bleeding from the nose, such people can use Parijat. Put the root of this plant in the mouth and chew it. It stops bleeding from the nose, ears, throat, etc.

Its leaves provide relief from stomach worms

Be it children or adults, everyone has problems with stomach worms at times. Break fresh leaves from Parijat tree. Eat fresh leaf juice (5 ml) of Parijat with sugar. This kills the harmful worms living in the stomach and intestines.

Use this plant if you urinate frequently.

Some people have the problem of frequent urination, this plant is very effective in getting rid of this problem of urin. Make a decoction of the leaves, roots, and flowers of the tree trunk of Parijat. Drink it in 10-30 ml. This will eliminate the problem of frequent urination.

Parijat’s plant heals wounds

Parijat plant rich in medicinal properties can cure wounds soon. Make a paste of Parijat seeds. Apply it on boils or other common wounds. It cures wounds.

Parijat is beneficial for sugar patients.

For those whose sugar is not under control, make a decoction of 10-30 ml Parijat leaf. Take it. This will keep sugar under control.