Leg care tips: Use this desi way to improve feet


Fashion desk. Friends, sometimes the ankles of our feet get torn or we get dryness in our feet. Most girls and women go to the beauty parlor to get a pedicure to bring tenderness to the feet. Friends Ayurveda has described many native methods of soft and soft feet. Today we are telling you one of those panacea, with the help of which you can make your feet soft and soft.Friends, to make the feet soft, put coffee in a pot and boil it. Now fill water in a tub. After this, mix boiled coffee in a tub filled with water. Friends, now you immerse your feet in the tub and leave it for about 20 minutes and scrub them with light hands. Friends, using this Ayurvedic remedy three times a week will make your feet soft and supple.


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