Long meeting on computer can cause huge loss, know what to do


Overwork makes your eyes tired, sometimes due to overwork on the computer, the eyes start getting irritated. If this happens, you should take care of the eyes, do not sit at the computer for long. Therefore, fatigue of the eyes should be eliminated, the eyes should be relaxed in between. Let us tell you that the eyes are the weakest part of the body whose care is very important.

Be careful if you are taking it very lightly. Many people avoid wearing glasses despite having a weak eye. After returning from work, if you also have eye irritation, fatigue and heaviness, then this remedy will work to give you relief.

-What is the use of rose water : If your eyes are burning, you can clean the eyes with rose water. Take 2 big pieces of cotton wool and dip it in rose jab and keep it on the eyes. This will remove eye irritation. Even if headaches persist due to eye discomfort, these remedies will be beneficial. This will also relieve headaches.

– tea bag : Tea bags are used not only for making tea but also for many other things. Keep the T-bags in the freezer. After some time remove them and dip them in water. After dipping in water, take it out and press it lightly with your hands and keep it on closed eyes. This will give relief to the eyes and also relieve fatigue. Dark circles are also removed by the use of T-bags.

– Cinnamon Tea : If you have problems in the eyes, then drinking cinnamon tea will also be beneficial for you. Cinnamon tea is helpful in reducing the tension in the veins. It also provides relief to the eyes.

– Make eye massage : The warmth of the palms is also beneficial for the eyes. If you are feeling tired, then both palms should be rubbed together. This will make the palms warm. Massage the eyes with this. Will get rest.


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