Lotus cucumber is very beneficial for the body, know how?


Lotus cucumber is famous in English as Lotus stem. Vitamin B6, vitamin C, vitamin A, thymine, zinc, minerals, potassium, iron, magnesium are found in it. People mostly use it as pickles, chips, pakoras and dry vegetables. With this, the problem of stomach, skin, urination etc. can be overcome. Let us know its other benefits –

Beneficial for body

Applying lotus cucumber ointment on the mouth, hands and feet makes the skin glow. It works very well as a beauty product.

Get rid of stones

The problem of appendicitis can be overcome by taking lotus cucumber. It has the property of expelling the toxin of the body. By using it daily, one can get rid of stone problem.

Remove the heat

Grind cucumber seeds well during summer. Then mix the power of its seeds in cold and drink it. Doing this will remove the heat.

Relief from unconsciousness

Faintness can be overcome by using lotus cucumber. During unconsciousness, a lotus person should cut and smell cucumber. This benefits.

Improve immune system

There is no deficiency of vitamins in the body by using lotus cucumber. By taking it, you get good access to the body from Vitamin A, B, C, due to which the immune system works better.

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