Lover built tunnel due to affair with neighbor, husband caught red-handed


You have heard about many different love or affair related stories till today, but today we are going to tell you about a case that you will be stunned to hear.

This case is from Mexico. When the two neighbors had an affair, the man made a tunnel under the house. The woman was married and when her husband went out, the man reached the woman’s house through the tunnel.

According to the Daily Mail report, the boyfriend’s name is Alberto. Alberto lives in the Tijuana area of ​​Mexico. He made a tunnel that passed through his house to the neighboring house.

One day when the husband returned early, he came to know about the matter. Pamela’s husband George came home early from his office and then caught the wife with her lover. The husband saw Alberto hide behind a couch and then went missing. The husband sought her in the bedroom for a long time but could not find her.

When George examined the entire room, he found something that flew his senses. He found a tunnel in the room to the back of the couch. When George goes further down the tunnel, he reaches Alberto’s house. Knowing this, he started quarreling with his wife.


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