Lukewarm water cures many diseases, so use it


You are always a victim of the changing season. But do you know that lukewarm water is very beneficial for health in any season.

Drinking light hot water has many big benefits…

In the morning, first of all, drink lukewarm water. If you want, you can also mix honey and lemon in it.

Benefit: Eliminates chronic constipation from root. Removes extra fat as well. Weight decreases and immunity also increases.

Drink lukewarm water as soon as you get time every day.

Benefit: Skin pores open, causing pimples and blackheads to disappear very quickly.

Drink 4-5 glasses of lukewarm water daily.

Benefit: Reduces rashes or skin shrinkage on the skin.

If you feel tired all the time or if you are completely tired after doing anything, then drink lukewarm water every morning.

Benefit: This will also increase blood circulation in the body.

Drink lukewarm water very soon when there is a cold or cold.

Benefit: It opens the veins of the throat and provides a lot of relief in pain and sore throat.

Add black pepper, salt and lemon to the lukewarm water and make shikanji and drink daily.

Benefits: It causes hunger and stops nausea (vomiting).

Must drink warm water after eating fried food.

Benefit: Cures asthma, hiccups and soreness. Urinary problems are also completely relieved.

Drink lukewarm water when you have periods.

Benefit: Girls have severe abdominal pain during periods. In such a situation, drinking lukewarm water also provides great relief.

Drink lemon juice, black pepper and salt in a glass of hot water.

Benefit: This will reduce the heaviness of the stomach for some time. Along with this, hunger also increases a lot.

Heat the water and then drink when it cools down.

Benefit: It ends stomach related diseases very soon.

… There are more advantages-

– If you always want to look young, then a glass of hot water daily also works as a good medicine.

If you want a glowing skin, then start drinking a glass of warm water daily. All skin-related diseases also go away.

– In fever, give lukewarm water to the patient instead of cold water. This gives great relief in fever.

– If there is pain in any part of the body due to gas, drink hot water. Get immediate benefits.

– By drinking lukewarm water, the temperature of the body increases and the toxic elements present in the body are also eliminated through sweat.


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