Sita Navami 2021: Mahatmya and Mantra of Sita Navami?  Learn how to make Suhagan women fast and ritual for husband's longevity!

Sita Navami 2021 (Photo Credits: File Image)

Sita Navami 2021: According to Sanatan Dharma, the Shukla Paksha of the moon in Vaishakh month was the revelation of Mata Sita on Navami, that is why all Hindu communities celebrate Sita Navami on this day with great reverence and pomp. On this day, Suhagan women worship Lord Rama and mother Sita with complete law. By doing this, the husband gives longevity and brings happiness, peace and prosperity in the house. It is also believed that on this day the virgin girl fasts and worships on Sita Jayanti, she gets attractive, capable and capable groom with the blessings of Mother Sita.

Great significance of Sita Jayanti!

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According to astrology, mother Sita was revealed from the land in Mithila city in Pushya Nakshatra. Lord Shri Ram was also born in Ayodhya during this favorable time of Chaitra month. Sitaji is considered to be the incarnation of Goddess Lakshmi. Sitaji is also known by the names Janaki, Janak Nandini, Bhoomija and Maithili etc. In our religious texts, there are many stories of Sita’s purity, sacrifice, dedication, courage, patience and compassion. On this day, Suhagan women keep this fast and fast for the longevity of their husband.

auspicious time-

Sita Navami: 21 May 2021 (Friday)

Navami Start: 12.23 pm (May 20, 2021)

End of Navami: 11.10 PM (May 21, 2021)

Law of worship

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In the morning, after bathing and meditating, take a vow of Mata Janaki by wearing clean clothes. Clean the post of worship and place red cloth on it and decorate it with flower-garlands. Establish a joint statue of Prabhu Shriram and Sita in the mandap. Burn a lamp of incense and pure ghee by sprinkling Ganga water on them. Call upon Lord Shri Ram and mother Sita. Now offer barley, roli, basil, sesame, fruit, flowers and Khoya sweets in front of the statue. Mother Sita was born from the land, so ornate a swastika in front of the outpost and recite Prithvi Gayatri Mantra while worshiping the earth while offering some mudras with Akshat, Roli and flowers on it.

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‘Oh Prithivdevai Vidmahe Sahastramurthyayee Dheemahi Tanno Prithvi Prachodayat’

It is believed that if there is any deformation on the earth due to the chanting of this mantra, then it is destroyed. In such a situation, when the coronation of Corona is all over the earth, the importance of this mantra increases. Many people also recite Shri Ram Charit Manas on this day. After worshiping Mother Sita, donating jaggery, barley or rice to the poor and feeding the cow is considered to be an act of great virtue. Offer seasonal fruits, dry fruits or khoya sweets to the prasad. Now read the praise of Shri Ram and perform the aarti of Mother Sita.


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