Chaiti Chhath Puja 2021: Maharashtri Chaiti Chhath begins with public faith in Bihar

Chhath Puja (Photo Credits: PTI)

Patna, April 16: Chaiti Chhath, a four-day mahaparva of lokastha, started with Nahay-Khay on Friday. However, people do not see much enthusiasm about this festival due to the increasing effect of Corona Infection. Due to the increasing influence of Corona, many people have also canceled the Chhath program, while many people have decided to perform Chhath festival at home. The four-day Chaiti Chhath started on Friday with ‘Nahay khay’. In Bihar, the government and administration have been banned for bathing in the Ganga Ghats and ponds and giving incense to Lord Bhaskar on the occasion of Chaiti Chhath due to the increasing cases of corona in Bihar. The government has appealed to people to celebrate Chaiti Chhat at their homes.

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On the first day of Chaiti Chhath, bathing at the fasting houses, meditating on Lord Bhaskar and eating Arva, took the offerings of Arva rice, gram lentils and gourd (pumpkin) vegetable. In order to resolve the prosperity and sufferings of the family, on the second day of this great festival, that is, Saturday, devotees will eat day after day after sunset. Devotees will worship Lord Bhaskar in the evening and take prasad of bread and milk and kheer made from jaggery. Also read: Haj 2021: Haj pilgrimage not allowed this time without both doses of Kovid vaccine


With this, the 36-hour Nirjala fast will begin. On the third day of the festival, on Sunday, on the sixth evening, the Asthachalagami will offer arghya to the Sun. On the fourth day of the festival i.e. on Monday, the fast of devotees will end only after the rising sun is inauspicious. After this, the Vrati will eat food and water and then pass it. It is worth mentioning that twice a year, in the month of Chaitra and Kartik, on the Shukla Paksha, Mahaparva Chhath fast is observed, in which devotees worship Lord Bhaskar.

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