Ways to Maintain Oxygen Level in Blood: Maintain Oxygen Level in Blood  Know what to eat and what not?

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In this catastrophic period of corona infection, keeping oxygen label in the blood is very important. If you want to maintain the amount of oxygen in the body, then eat such foods, which increase the amount of hemoglobin in your blood. According to Forward Health and America’s Food and Drug, Copper, Iron, Vitamin-A, Vitamin B-2 B-3, B-5, B-6, Vitamin B-12 folic acid is very important to keep sufficient amount of hemoglobin in the body. Is important. Here it is also very important to know what to eat and what to avoid for these neutrons. There is talk in this context, Dr. A. Kovid, expert of Lucknow (Metropolis). N. From bali Also Read: Health Tips: These Common Mistakes Can Make Your Immune System Weak, Take Care Of These Things

‘Oxygen is our lifeline, which reaches various organs of the body through blood, so that all the organs can function smoothly. Therefore, due to lack of oxygen in the blood, there is a bad effect on the body, they can cause damage, which can be fatal for the patient. This is to say of Dr. Bali. They say – Although medicine or oxygen can increase the label of blood, but it is better that we maintain our oxygen label naturally, and for this, we have to pay special attention to food and drink. Let us know which foods we consume and which are not, so that the oxygen label in the blood is maintained in a natural way.

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Eat 2 kiwis daily:

Kiwi is the most powerful means of increasing oxygen labels in the blood. It contains vitamin C and many antioxidants, which gives us the power to avoid external infection. The nutrients contained in it help us in boosting our immune power .. Kiwi fruits contain natural enzymes called actinidins. So eat one Kiwi every morning and evening. Also read: Free advice sitting at home from Corona related AYUSH experts, call these numbers

Strawberries and Blueberries: Anthocyanin and fiber are found in abundance in strawberries and blueberries, which act to reduce harmful cholesterol. Heart problems or blood pressure, all these problems are due to the high cholesterol present in the blood. For this, the consumption of blueberries can help improve good cholesterol levels. Therefore, the consumption of blueberries or strawberries may be beneficial to overcome the cholesterol problem.

ripe bananas: Bananas are rich in vitamin A and vitamin B in the form of thymine, riboflavin, niacin alkaline carotenoid antioxidants and iron and folic acid, which increases oxygen levels in the body, and also increases immunity. Banana is considered the best source of energy. Those who have blood pressure problems, they should also eat bananas regularly.

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Importance of iron in blood: Does iron also have a role in increasing the oxygen label in the blood of the body? Dr. Bali says, – If the iron level in the blood is low, then the tissue does not get oxygen as per the requirement. This may reduce the amount of oxygen in the blood. Due to this, there are complaints of weakness, fatigue and dizziness. For this, the diet should include things rich in acidic vitamin-C, such as: lemon, orange, cauliflower and chilli etc.

What not to eat:

First of all, know that whatever medicines or fruits the doctor suggests to increase oxygen in the blood, it should be as per the suggestion of the doctor. When asked to stop the medicine dose, stop it immediately. Over dosage can do damage. Apart from this, do not take fruits of various vitamins etc. too much. They can also do harm.

Cloves Along with hundred benefits in clove or clove oil, the major disadvantage is that clove oil dilutes the blood. If you are getting treatment for low amount of oxygen in the blood, then do not consume cloves in any form. Also Read: Health Tips: Keep your lungs healthy during the COVID epidemic, mix these things in milk and consume these things

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Raw beetroot If you are getting hemoglobin deficiency treatment, do not consume raw beetroot during this period. This can be harmful. However, making soup of beetroot, carrot and broccoli is beneficial.

Tea: During the lack of oxygen in the blood, stop the consumption of tea for at least one month. Because the oxalates present in it affect the absorption of iron.

Recently, a recipe for increasing the amount of oxygen in the blood became viral very fast that by adding a few drops of camphor, parsley and cloves to eucalyptus oil, tying it to the bundle and smelling it several times a day would increase the amount of oxygen in the blood. Later, the team of experts called it harmful. Therefore, no such prescription should be used without the advice of the doctor.

note- All the information related to health given in this article has been written for informational purpose. It should not be substituted for the treatment of any disease or medical advice and we do not claim that the tips mentioned in the article will work perfectly, so before trying any tips or suggestions given in the article, the doctor Be sure to consult with.


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