Make this soup at home to lose weight up to 10 kg in 1 week.



People try a lot to lose weight. Today we are going to tell a miraculous formula for weight loss, which can be lost weight very fast.

We are going to tell here about a soup that can be quickly lost weight.

Soup Recipe –

Ingredients for soup –

– 3 tomatoes, cut into pieces

– 1 bunch ciliary, chopped

– 3 sliced ​​carrots

– 1 large cabbage, cut into pieces

– 6 large green onions, green onion

– Half bowl green beans

Salt as per taste

Black pepper powder as per taste

– One and a half cup of water

recipe –

Wash the vegetables, cut them into small pieces, add spices and mix well and keep them in a pot. Put all the vegetables in a pan with one and a half cups of water in high heat and boil them on high heat, after that slow the heat and cook the vegetables till they become soft. Turn off the heat and drink after the soup has cooled down a bit.

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