Many secrets related to health are hidden in these vegetables and fruits


In today’s time, due to wrong routines, unbalanced eating, lack of nutrients in the body or other wrong habits, the problem of weakness in men arises. Because of this weakness or weakness, their marital life is not happy. Such men also remain mentally disturbed. After using various types of medicines, they get some benefit but many other side effects of those medicines are on the body. But to overcome this weakness and problem of men, Ayurveda has given many remedies.

In Ayurveda, garlic has been described as very beneficial. Garlic contains an antibiotic called allium which protects the body from many diseases. Eating regular garlic does not cause more or less blood pressure. In the complaint of gas and acidity in the stomach, its use is very beneficial. In the problem of weakness in men, men should swallow two buds of garlic every night before going to bed at night and drink some water. Eating it is also beneficial in erectile dysfunction.

Onion also has medicinal properties. It is very beneficial in conditions like anorexia and indigestion. For the problem of premature ejaculation of men, one and a half grams of honey and equal amount of onion juice should be licked. This experiment can be done two to three times in the winter season, but in summer it is better to take it only once before sunrise. In addition, onion balances blood flow. It is also beneficial in erectile dysfunction.

Pomegranate too

Eating pomegranate generates strength and special energy in the body. Eating pomegranate creates new blood in the body. The leaves and bark of its trees are also used as medicine. Pomegranate is considered better for heart diseases, stress and sex life. Dry and grind pomegranate peels in the problem of weakness of men. After this, eat one spoon of this powder every morning and evening. It also eliminates nightmares and complaints of heat in men. Consuming pomegranate on empty stomach in the morning or its juice in the morning is also beneficial.

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Amla is very beneficial. Amla improves the digestive system and at the same time it gives more benefits to the body as it improves memory power. Old age is also kept away by consuming amla regularly. Amla is very beneficial in the problem of weakness in men. Therefore, take a little dried gooseberry powder in a glass every night and fill it with water. After waking up in the morning add turmeric to this water and sieve and drink. This removes the weakness of men. Use of its marmalade on an empty stomach in the morning is also beneficial.

urad lentil

Urad is power enhancer, it has the properties of treating various diseases. Using urad in any way increases the power. Grind soaked urad dal and mix one spoon of native ghee and half a teaspoon of honey and drink milk mixed with sugar candy after licking. By using it continuously, a man becomes strong like a horse. Eating lentils of urad dal and consuming it with milk in the morning and evening eliminates impotence.

Sprouted grains

Sprouted wheat, sprouted gram, sprouted lentils (moong), sprouted peanuts chewed or chewed well with or without food, it also reduces the weakness of men.
By the way, to avoid weakness, balanced diet should be done. Alcohol and smoking should be avoided. Milk, green leafy vegetables, seasonal fruits should be consumed.


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