Less sleep can prove dangerous for memory


Adequate sleep is necessary for good health, so every person must have at least six to eight hours of sleep. But if you are sleeping less than five hours, doing so can prove to be quite fatal for your memory. A study has revealed that sleeping less than five hours can weaken a person’s memory.

This study focuses on the lack of linkage between nerve cells in the hippocampus, a part of the brain. The study found that sleeping less does not lead to an association between nerve cells in the hippocampus that weakens memory. Groningen Institute for Evolutionary Life Assistant Professor of Sciences Robert Havex said,

“It has become clear that sleep plays an important role in maintaining memory. We know that taking a nap helps to bring back important memories, but how low sleep affects the combination function in the hippocampus and weakens memory is clear. ”

Until recently, it has also been believed that changes in the combination of synapsis-structure that pass reciprocal signals to nerve cells can also affect memory. Researchers tested it on the brains of mice.

The test examined the effect of reduced sleep on the structure of dendrites. They first monitored Golgi’s silver-staining method for the number of dendrites spines related to dendrites and the hippocampus of mice with less than five hours of sleep.

The analysis showed that reduced sleep had reduced the length of dendrites and the density of the spinal cord related to nerve cells. They continued the low-sleep test, but then let the mice sleep for three hours without interruption. This was done to test the previous work of scientists. Earlier it was said that three hours of sleep is enough to make up for the loss due to less sleep.

The effect of a five-hour sleep-wake test was rechecked. In this, the dendric structure of the mice was monitored while the mice were sleeping, and no difference was found in the dendric structure.

This was then investigated as to what affects the molecular level from low sleep. It revealed that reduced sleep has negative effects on the molecular system and also targets cofilin (protein aggregates).


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