Migraine occurs due to this, control this problem



Migraine is a very serious disease. The number of migraine patients is increasing day by day. Migraine problem must be treated in time. Migraine causes restless headaches for the patient.

Migraine causes a lot of headaches and severe headaches. Pain may occur in the right or left side of the head, vomiting due to pain, headache and numbness in the body. It is believed that as soon as you reach a normal state of tension, your headaches also increase first.

Blood pressure starts to be very high and if such situations start to occur in front of you, then understand that you are suffering from migraine. Apart from this, wrong sleeping patterns also cause headaches.

Migraine prevention tips

– Get plenty of sleep. Migraine problem arises due to poor sleep. It is necessary to have a calm environment for good sleep. Turn off the light before sleeping. The room should be darkened and slept in a quiet environment.

– Exercise regularly. Experts say that doing aerobic exercise relieves the problem of migraine. So if you want to avoid migraine problem then exercise daily. Exercise must be done for 40 minutes thrice a day.

– Apply temperature therapy. Take hot and cold compresses near your head and neck. Ice packs can also be used, which can relieve pain. Heating pads provide relief in stressed muscles.

– Use caffeinated drinks. Early stage intake of caffeine in migraine pain also provides relief.

– Due to the pain of migraine, there is a lot of difficulty in sleeping. Take care of bedtime. Wake up at the appointed time and try to sleep at the appointed time. If you lie down during the day, try to keep this period short.

– Try to relax yourself for better sleep. Listen to soft music, read favorite books. Never consume more exercise, heavy food, caffeine, nicotine and alcohol before sleeping at night.

– Do not let deviation dominate. Do not watch TV and document work while sleeping in bed. Never try to sleep a lot. Read something to sleep in and do other interesting things.

– Eating habits also greatly affect migraine. Take care of meal time. Not doing mass can be more harmful. If you do not eat late, the risk of migraine also increases.

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