More than 50 mole, warts may cause melanoma risk


You would never have thought that the little mole, which has given you many compliments while applying its beauty in the moon, can also be cancerous. People usually have 14 to 40 mole on their body.

Such mole is also known as melanocytic navy. Usually such mole is not harmful and does not cause any problem. However, people who have more than 50 mole or warts on their body have the highest risk of melanoma, the most aggressive form of skin cancer.

The formation of new mole on various body parts from childhood to puberty is a natural process. But it is usually seen that when mating, a new mole is formed on the body.

Most mole on the human body is normal and there is no danger from them. However, cancerous mole can occur in any part of the skin, whether the skin is in direct contact with sun rays or not.

Due to modern medicine and the invention of new cancer drugs, treatment of patients like Kiran is possible even in advanced stage of cancer. The quality of cancer treatment will increase after the introduction of new medical practices such as targeted therapy and immunotherapy. That is, the treatment of cancer will be more effective. There is no definite cause of melanoma, so it is our responsibility to be alert to any changes in the body.

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