Mulethi is effective in enhancing the beauty of skin, know its other benefits


Mulethi is a kind of herb which is very sweet in taste. It contains calcium, anti-oxidant and many antibiotic properties. By consuming it, liquorice eyes, mouth diseases and throat diseases can be easily avoided. It also works to relieve cough. Come, learn about other benefits of eating liquorice –

Enhance facial beauty

Mulethi is very beneficial in enhancing the beauty of the face. Applying it on the face helps to correct facial spots and pimples. It also relieves the problem of anti-aging. It purifies the blood, which does not cause skin problems.

Give strength to body

Consuming liquorice with milk increases the strength of the body. Consuming it with ghee and honey also relieves heart related problems.

Get rid of mouth ulcers

Mouth blisters are cured by sucking liquorice. Drinking and rinse liquorice of liquorice provides relief. It also makes the voice sweet.

Relieving stomach ulcers

In stomach ulcers, consumption of liquorice is beneficial along with cooling. Even in the event of TB of the intestine, liquorice is a beneficial remedy.

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