Nestle itself admitted that 60 percent of its food products are not healthy, said - will do more work to increase the nutritional value

Nestle (File Photo)

Known for its food and drinks items across the world, Nestle has once again come under the scanner. The company itself has admitted that most of its products are unhealthy. In fact, a report by Nestle has come out, in which 60 percent of the company’s food products have been described as unhealthy. This report by Nestle states that more than 60 percent of the company’s food and drink products are not healthy for health. According to the company, it is examining the nutritional value of its products. Efforts are being made to make the product tasty and healthy.

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Nestle is working on a project to update its nutritional and health strategy. A Nestle SA spokesperson said that the company is looking at its entire portfolio to ensure that only nutritional products are made available to the public.

On Monday, the Financial Times reported that most of Nestle’s mainstream food and drink items failed to meet recognized health and nutrition standards. The world’s largest food company, Nestle, has admitted that more than 60 percent of its mainstream food and beverage products do not meet the ‘recognized definition of health’. The report states that Nestle itself has recognized that some of its categories and products will never be “healthy”, no matter how hard the company tries to innovate.

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The company says, “Our efforts are built on a strong foundation of decades of work to improve the nutritional value of our products. For example, we have significantly reduced the amount of sugar and sodium in our products over the past two decades. In recent years, we have launched a number of products to meet the nutritional needs of children and families.”

“The company believes that nutrition is a fundamental requirement and the food industry has an important role to play in a healthy life,” Nestle said. The company has accepted this and said that it will work to improve its products.



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