Newspaper food is very harmful for health


Often we eat chaat dumplings outside in the newspaper. If you go out somewhere, without thinking anything, you wrap food in the newspaper and eat it on the newspaper itself.

The food safety regulator has warned those doing so. Packing food in a newspaper or eating food on a newspaper can prove to be harmful for health. FSSAI said that by doing this, the factors that cause fatal diseases like cancer reach the people.

The Indian Manure Safety and Standards Authority has advised people not to put food items on the newspaper. No matter how healthy and clean the food is made, but it becomes harmful as soon as it comes in contact with the newspaper. And

The ink used to print the newspaper contains many dangerous bioactive elements which have a bad effect on our body. Along with this, publishing inks also contain harmful colors, pigments and preservatives that are ingested in our body along with food which can be harmful.


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