Now by sharing the video of Sonia, Bala Saheb on the target of Kangana, the target was shot, said- you too woman…


Mumbai. The feud between Bollywood actress Kangana Ranaut and Maharashtra Government continues. Kangana Samate’s supporters and fans are very angry after the action taken by BMC. Since then, many people, including the actress, are constantly expressing their displeasure on social media.

kangana ranaut

Recently, Kangana gave a scathing attack on Congress President Sonia Gandhi and also shared an old video of Bala Saheb (Kangana Ranaut shares Bala Saheb video), saying that he was her favorite icon.

He has questioned Congress President Sonia Gandhi in the tweet. Kangana Ranaut questioned the silence of Sonia Gandhi on the controversy with Shiv Sena and said, “Respected Sonia Gandhi, as a woman, how did the government of Maharashtra behave with me and you did not feel sad. Can’t you request your government to uphold the principles of the Constitution given by Dr. Ambedkar? “

Kangana ranaut

Recently, Kangana’s mother Asha Ranaut praised the BJP and questioned the Congress. She has said that she thanks her daughter for the BJP’s help. However, after Asha Ranaut’s statement came, there was speculation that she could soon stop joining BJP and in the evening there was a rumor that Asha Ranaut had joined BJP, but neither Asha nor BJP in this regard An official statement was released by


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