Onion peels are very beneficial for health, know how


Generally people throw onion peels after peeling them. But after reading this news, you might not throw them away. Yes, it is said that onion peels have natural hair dyeing properties. Not only this, if you want to eat them, then also put them in your soup or curry while making. Then remove the peels before serving. If you want, you can also add onion peels to green tea or herbal tea. Before using the peel, just make sure that the onion is organic.

Increases immunity – According to research, there is no harm in using onion peels, as it contains more anti-oxidants than fruits, which cleans the body from the inside and also increases immunity.

Prevents heart diseases It contains a very high amount of flavonol, called quercetin, which reduces blood pressure and, by clearing the artery, greatly reduces the likelihood of a heart attack.

Reduces sore throat – If you have a sore throat, add some onion peels to the water and boil it well. Then filter it and gargle with this water. This will give a lot of relief to your throat. If you want, while making tea, you can also add onion peels and then filter it and drink it. It also benefits the throat immensely.

To clean face – Take the onion peels, which contain some juice. Then mix them well in turmeric and apply it on your face. By doing this, the facial spots and spots can be completely removed and it also glows completely.

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