Take special care of this, otherwise face damage may occur


Every woman aspires to look beautiful, her face glows brightly. She makes a lot of efforts for that. Facials are the best way to improve the face. Getting facials done every month after the age of 30 is very beneficial for facial skin. It cleanses the skin and causes skin strain. Facials are the best way for women to relax.

Beauty parlor has different facials – Fruit facials, gold facials etc. You can choose facials to suit your skin so that your skin looks healthy and glowing.

Facials are beneficial for the face, but after facials, it is very important to take care of some things. If you ignore these things then they can damage your skin. Let’s know what to keep in mind after the facial-

Do not use soap – After facials, the skin becomes very soft and soft. Dryness of soap can harm it, so do not use soap for at least 24 to 48 hours after facials. If you have to wash your face, then wash it with raw milk.

Do not scrub – Do not use anything on the skin for 12 to 24 hours. Some people continue to use the scrub on the skin even after facials, which can damage your facial skin.

Get threading done before facials – If you have to do both threading and facials together, then you get threading done first, then facials. After facials, the skin becomes very sensitive and soft. Threading on delicate skin can be harmful because threading is a very painful process. Keep in mind that threading is always done before facials.

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