Papaya seeds are the panacea for these diseases, learn


In modern times, weight gain has become a common problem due to incorrect eating, poor routines and stress. Especially due to the corona virus epidemic, people are spending more time in their homes. During this time people are paying more attention to catering. Also, due to the closure of the fitness center, people are not able to do regular workouts. Due to these reasons, the complaint of obesity has increased in people.

For this, balanced diet should be taken along with regular workouts. While eating those things, which should get more calories from eating. Along with this, increasing weight can be reduced by taking some remedies daily. Let’s know-

Eat curry leaves

According to experts, curry leaves can be helpful in reducing weight. For this, chew 8-10 curry leaves on an empty stomach daily in the morning. By taking this remedy daily, you may get quick rest.

Drink gourd juice

Drink gourd juice daily to get rid of obesity. It has high fiber content. Appetite reduces appetite. For this, remove the peel of the pumpkin and grate it and blend it. After this, add salt according to your taste and eat it. It will be seen soon after consumption.

Drink cabbage soup

Doctors always recommend drinking cabbage soup to lose weight, as it is high in fiber. Appetite reduces appetite. Cabbage soup is beneficial in reducing obesity. For this, finely chop the cabbage and boil it. After this, you can add garlic, coriander leaves, ginger and salt etc. to it as per taste.