Pimples remove tips: Use these home remedies to get rid of pimples


Lifestyle Desk. Pollution, hormonal changes and frequent eating oily food causes acne on the face, which often causes embarrassment to people. People use different types of creams to get rid of nail pimples, but there is no effect on nail pimples. There are many indigenous ways to get rid of nail pimples in Ayurveda, today we are going to tell you about some of those home remedies.

1. To get relief from the problem of nail pimples, apply a little toothpaste to the nail pimples. By using this recipe continuously, the size of nail pimples will be reduced gradually and in a few days they will be removed from the root.

2. To eliminate the problem of nail pimples from root, mix multani mitti, rose water and lemon juice and apply on nail pimples and wash face after 15 minutes with clean water. If you use this recipe 3 times a week, the problem of nail acne will be eliminated from the root in a few days.

3. To get rid of acne pimples, apply aloe vera gel on the face and wash the face after about 15 minutes. Even if you use this recipe two to three times a week, the nail pimples will be eliminated from the root.


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