Pitr Paksh 2020: If you do not perform your Shraddha, then do this work to the omnipotent Amavasya


Krishna Amavasya of Ashwin month is called Sarvapitri Moksha Shraddha Amavasya and it is the last day of Pitrupaksha. This day is performed by all the people. On this day all the fathers are present at your door.

Pind Daan is important in Pitru Paksha, Pind Daan is made by mixing rice, cow’s milk, ghee, jaggery, honey, and offering to the Pitro.

Black sesame seeds, water, white flowers, etc. are offered in water in the pitdan

Brahmins are served food after pindadan and Dakshina is given after having food.

Shraddh is performed only by staying holy. Shradh is not done at night. Shraddh time is in the afternoon.

On the day of Sarva Pitra Amavasya one should recite the seventh chapter of the Gita for the peace of the ancestors.


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