Pitr paksh 2020: take these measures to remove Kalsarp dosha


Kalsarp Dosha The person who is in the horoscope has to face many problems in his life, today we tell you the remedies to remove Kalsarp Dosha, which can be achieved by doing auspicious results.

On the day of omnipotent Amavasya, anoint the water on the Shivling and recite peace.

Fast on the Chaturdashi date of Shraddha Paksha and pour a pair of Nagi Nagin made from Chandi into the river

On the Shraddha Paksha any day offer a bronze serpent on the Shivling and pray for the removal of Kaal Sarp Dosha.

In Shraddha Paksha, bathe in a river daily and donate

In order to get rid of Kalasarp Dosh in Shraddha Paksha, get a Pandit worshiped

Read all Pitra Amavasya as Navnag source or get it done by a Pandit


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