Pitrupaksh 2020: Know how to prevent Pitra dosha at low cost


People whose Pitra dosha is found in the horoscope have to face many problems, that person cannot progress.

The life of a victim passes through a very painful life, today we will tell you some remedies for Pitra Dosha

Your Heavenly Fighters should cook their food on the Prevention Date

Garibos and Brahmins should be fed on the date of prevention of your heavenly defeat

Worshiping your family deity in Shrado removes Pitra dosha.

Marriage of a poor girl in Pitra dosha and help in her illness is also a concern.

To remove Pitra dosha, donate cow and give cold water to people going on the road.

Donating clothes and food on Shraddha Tithi also removes Pitra dosha.



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