Pitrupaksha 2020: Donate these things in Pitrupaksha, the soul of the ancestors gets saturation


Shraddha Paksha will end on 17 September Donating in Pitra Paksha is considered very good. It is believed that by donating, the soul of the fathers gets saturated. Kalasarp Dosh and Pitra Dosh are also eliminated. Should give

. Donation of shoes and slippers: By donating these things, the souls of the ancestors are at peace. Saturn and Rahu doshas are also eliminated.

Clothing donation: clothes are donated to those who are served food

Black sesame donation: Donating black tilka gives relief from the obstruction of the planet and constellation and charity protects against distress, disaster

Ghee donation: Donating ghee makes family life happy.

Jaggery donation: Donating jaggery gives satisfaction to the ancestors, there is an atmosphere of happiness and peace in the house.

Cereal donation: Cereals, pulses, rice etc. are donated

Donation of salt: Donating salt gives freedom from ghosts and spirits.

Cow-donation: By donating this, the person gets liberation.

Land donation: Donating land is also in vogue



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