Pitrupaksha 2020: Shraddha of these dates in Pitru Paksha is very beneficial.


In Pitru Paksha, everyone remembers their ancestors, performs charity work etc. People who do good work for their fathers, there is always peace and happiness prosperity in their house, it is not possible to pay the debts of the ancestors but by renouncing their world His debt can be repaid by going to Shraddh after leaving

People who do not remember the date of their transits shraddha go to Amavashya.

Those who do Shraddha on full moon day, their intelligence, affirmation, remembrance power, holding power, daughter-in-law and Aishwarya increase, Pratipada is for wealth.

Those who do Shraddha on Saptami get the fruits of great yag

Those who do Shraddha of Astami get complete attainments.

Those who perform Shraddha of Dashami get the Lakshmi of Brahmatva.

Shraddha of Ekadashi is for donating




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