Protect your heart with your heart so that your heart will be safe


There are ways to avoid every disease in Ayurveda. Since ancient times, the disease was treated using Ayurvedic method. Heart disease can also be treated with Ayurvedic methods. If you follow some Ayurveda tips, then heart diseases can be safe. When a person gets a heart attack, the medicine of Ayurveda will not work at that time, but if some prescription of Ayurveda is adopted, then the heart attack will not come. In Ayurveda, there are many prescriptions for keeping the heart healthy.

With the help of Ayurveda, the possibility of heart attack without angioplasty, around 80% can be avoided. This also reduces other diseases of the heart. Heart diseases are caused by acidity, when the acidity in the stomach increases, the acid gets mixed in the blood and the acid blood in the blood vessels cannot flow further and the problem of blockage arises. If you also want to protect your heart, then take care of your heart’s health in Ayurvedic way. Include things in your diet that can protect you from heart disease.

Eat mint and basil leaves in the morning:

We all know that Tulsi has the power to correct many diseases. We all consume it too, but if someone’s heart is not healthy, then everyday rosary and some mint leaves are consumed in the morning, then the heart can be kept healthy forever. Ayurvedacharya explains that this keeps the pH level of the blood normal, so that there is no blockage in the blood arteries and prevents heart attack.

Turmeric is effective in removing the lumps of the arteries:

According to the guidelines of the Ministry of AYUSH during this period of Corona period, it is recommended to drink turmeric milk, but turmeric is also very effective in preventing heart attack. Soak a few lumps of turmeric after soaking it in lime water for four days. When these lumps dry well then grind them finely and make powder. Now, take one gram of this powder in lukewarm water in the morning and evening. This will open the arteries that block the blood.

Gourd treats heart

It is advisable to eat alkaline substances to treat heart attack in an Ayurvedic manner. Blockages are opened by eating it. Gourd vegetable and gourd juice are very beneficial for the heart. Basil leaves can also be drunk by adding gourd juice. You can also add rock salt to this juice and drink, which will enhance its taste.



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