Quit these habits as soon as possible, otherwise your kidney may fail


Kidney failure cases are increasing in India. Often people consume headache and stomach pain medicine directly from the medical store instead of taking the advice of the doctor. They cause kidney damage. Today we are telling about the habits that are causing the kidney failure.

more salt food

Eating too much salt can cause kidney damage. The sodium present in the salt increases blood pressure, which adversely affects the kidney.

more Nonways food

Meat contains sufficient amount of protein. Taking a high amount of protein diet increases the metabolic load on the kidney, which can increase the problem of kidney stone.

very more The medicines

The habit of taking antibiotics or more painkillers in case of minor problems can affect the kidney. Do not take such medicines without asking doctors.

Alcohol To drink

Excessive intake and regular alcohol consumption adversely affect your liver and kidney. High cold drinks are also harmful.

cigarette or Tobacco

Toxins accumulate due to the consumption of cigarettes or tobacco, which can cause kidney damage. It also increases BP, which affects the kidney.

Urine Stop Tax to keep

Bladder becomes full when urin is stopped. In case of urin reflux, ureine comes up the kidneys. There is a possibility of kidney infection due to its bacteria.

water Less or more To drink

It is necessary to drink 8-10 glasses of water daily. Toxins stored in the body have a bad effect on kidney function by drinking less water. The pressure on the kidney increases even after drinking more water.

Over Eating

Obese people have many times more risk of kidney damage than normal people. Over eating increases weight rapidly, so avoid overeating.

Complete sleep not to take

According to the study, those sleeping less than 7-8 hours daily are at a higher risk of high blood pressure and heart disease. In this case, the suspicion of kidney disease increases.


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