Reduce tea pimples or else it may cause harm


Reduce tea pimples or else it may cause harm

Nowadays drinking tea has become a very common thing, people consider tea to be a time pass and an easy way of entertainment. That is why people go out for tea in talk and talk. Now it has become so popular on tea that discussions of leaders are also being discussed on tea. Discussions on common man’s tea are common. Also, in small companies and organizations, tea is the job of an employee. If you also like to discuss tea, then remember the tea at every point, then wait.

Do you know that there are some disadvantages of drinking too much tea, about which you have no idea about it. So come, we are going to give you some information about tea after which you will be alerted about tea.

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Do you know that tea contains tannin, tyline. Its loss can lead to indigestion, which can cause problems for you by increasing the problem of your stomach.

Excess of tea can also be harmful for your bones because the amount of fluoride found in tea is very high. Its loss can weaken bones. This can be very harmful for our body.


Many of us feel that stress is relieved by tea, but as we all know that the amount of caffeine in tea is more than normal. Due to its loss, tea drinkers get nervousness and restlessness, rather than stress is relieved.

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If you do not feel sleepy, then the main reason can be your tea. Because tea contains phytochemicals, its disadvantage is that drinking too much tea can cause problems with sleeplessness.

The caffeine present in tea can cause addiction. Its loss, headache, fatigue, dulness is felt when tea is not available. Drinking too much hot tea causes damage to the tubes connecting the mouth to the mouth. Its damage, it can cause cancer.

Urine increases by 400 – 500% due to more than 5 cups of tea. Its loss, it causes more pressure on the kidney and can cause kidney problem.

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Urine comes again and again by drinking more tea. Its loss, due to this, the minerals necessary for the body like sodium, potassium, also get out and weakness increases.



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