Try these home remedies, your eye glasses will go down


Nowadays, glasses have become one of the common diseases. Small children also suffer from this disease. But you can also remove eyeglasses.

Yes, just you must follow some rules daily and soon you will be able to live a glasses-free life.

Tips that will remove your glasses-

Soak eight almonds at night and grind in the morning and drink it mixed with water. By doing this continuously, the weakness of the eyes will also slowly go away.

Be sure to drink cardamom powder in milk before going to bed at night. Do this daily, it will also show miraculous effect on your eyes.

Put alum equal to gram in hundred grams of rose water and put four to five drops of this mixture in the eye every night and sleep.

Put a drop of lemon in one spoon of water and pour two drops of it in both eyes. The glasses will come off.

Consuming a cup of coffee every day also prevents the eyes from becoming weak and damaged retina due to cataract, old age and diabetes.


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