Make a fixed schedule for eating food too, will always remain healthy


To give strength to how hard our body works, we do take food and beverages. But do you know that there is a fixed schedule for eating food everyday and we must try and follow it.

This applies to both adults and children.

If you follow the diet plan mentioned below, then your body will get the necessary nutrients daily and your body will also get plenty of energy to work throughout the day-

Will eat all these in one day and get all the essential ingredients (nutrients for children)

Calories – 1300 grams
Protein – 25 grams

A child will get 1650 calories from this diet chart, 30 grams of protein, vitamins A, B, C, and D, iron, magnesium, carbohydrate one day will be met….

Morning (6: 00-7: 00) – A glass of milk approximately 25 ml

Break Faust (7: 30-8: 00) – one of

Two bread slices, sandwiches or upma made of boiled potatoes
Poha a plate (200 grams)
-2 pieces idli or a bowl of vermicelli + lassi or lemonade

In tiffin (11: 00-11: 30)

-1 apple + one stuffed paratha or upma or poha one plate or idli one or two pieces or 2 sandwiches

Lunch (1: 00-2: 00)
-Chawal one and a half bowl + half bowl of lentils or khichdi 1 bowl + curd or two rotis + paneer or seasonal vegetable

Evening (6:00 PM)
-A cheese or veg sandwich or two pieces dhokla or a bowl tomato or veg soup

Dinner (7: 30-8: 00) – one of these
Half bowl rice + lentils or khichdi + yogurt
-One Bread + One Bowl Vegetable

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At bedtime (10 o’clock)
– Milk a glass or 250 mL

Will eat all of these in one day and get all the essential ingredients (nutrients for adults)

Calories 1500 grams
Protein 60 grams

Follow this diet will get 1400 calories, 60 grams of protein, vitamin A, B, C, and D, iron, magnesium, one day will be met….


– Two Marie Biscuits with a Cup of Tea

Break Faust (8: 30-9: 00) One of these-

-Brown Bread Two Slices Veg or Cheese Stuffed Sandwich

Oatmeal or oats made from 25 grams of grain

-150 curd or sprouts

Mid Morning Snacks

-1 apple, guava or orange or 150 grams of papaya + a glass of lemonade or coconut water or juice


-Two roti without ghee +1 bowl of vegetable +1 bowl of rice + one bowl of pulse +1 plate of green salad + curd or raita 150 ml


-Spout salad or vegetable soup with roasted chickpea or boiled gram chaat


-2 bread with ghee +1 bowl seasonal vegetable + 1 bowl of lentils + green salad one plate

at bedtime

-1 cup milk


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