Shradh 2020: Feed food to these 5 living beings in Shradh, ancestors are happy and give blessings


Pitrupaksha has started from September 2, it is said that in these 16 days, ancestors come to the earth and Pindadan is pleased with the gift and blesses his sons and grandchildren.

Apart from Pinddaan, these five creatures are very important in Shraddha because our ancestors take food by animals and birds.

A portion of food is extracted for the cow, dog, ant, crow and deities, in the shraadh, a little food is kept at five places before the meal.

For cow, dog, ant and deities this part is placed on the leaf and on the earth for crows.

The dog is considered a symbol of water, ant fire element, crow air element, cow earth element and deity sky element. Cow worship is considered to be very fruitful in Shraddhas.



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