Shradh 2020: Shraddha to be celebrated on the new day of Pitrupaksha for liberation of maternal defects


The Navami of Krishna Paksha of Ashwin month will be celebrated as Shraddha of Navami. This day is considered to be a very special day for married women.

The Shraddha of married women on the Navami Tithi of Pitrupaksha gives peace to their souls and blesses them with happiness.

Even if married women have died on any date, they can be worshiped on this day.

Shraddha of married women is considered to be best on this day; On the day of Navami Shraddha, the family members should fast.

On this day, after doing Shradh, one should also make a donation; On this day, burn a big lamp made of flour and offer basil leaves on the picture of the ancestors, this will bless you with happy ancestors.



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