Skin Care Tips: Home remedies to get rid of unwanted hair


Often we resort to bleach, saving and waxing to remove unwanted hair but today we are giving you some home remedies that you can remove these unwanted hair very cheaply

Egg Facepack:Make a paste of half a teaspoon of corn flour and 1 teaspoon of sugar in an egg white and place it where the unwanted hair is, then remove it after drying.

Turmeric Facepack: Soak turmeric powder in water and make a paste, let it rest for some time, after drying, soak the turmeric and hair by immersing the cloth in warm water.

Besan Facepack: Mix equal quantity of gram flour and turmeric in water, now apply it on the face and after drying, clean it with cloth immersed in hot water.



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