Skin care tips: Know these things before using moisturizer and serum


Fashion desk. Friends, nowadays most people have started using skincare products to get glowing skin. Let us tell you that most people use serum and moisturizer to get glowing skin. Friends consider both of them to be the same, but there is a lot of difference between friends. Friends, today we are going to tell you about the difference between serum and moisturizer cream, so that you can choose the same product for your skin.

SerumFriends serum is lightweight, which protects our skin from damage. Tell that the serum removes all types of skin problems such as pimples, wrinkles and skin pigmentation. Serum is used to repair skin damage. Applying serum makes the skin soft and glowing.

MoisturizerFriends tell me that moisturizer is a lotal or cream, which is used to hydrate our skin. Please tell that our skin does not get torn due to the use of moisturizer. For information, please tell that the moisturizer should be kept in freeze for 10 minutes before applying on the skin.



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