Sleeping on top can cause problems for women


Sleeping on top can cause problems for women

As women sleep in the night, they make a braid or part of their hair. The first reason behind this is that the hair gets less tangled while sleeping and the second reason is that there is no problem due to the hair being open at bedtime. But there can be many ways to avoid these two things, but sleeping by making peaks is not the right way. Let us tell you what damage can be done to your hair by sleeping on top of a braid.

Hair fall problem- Sleeping on top of the hair can increase the problem of hair fall. In fact, when you sleep at night after making a braid, you pull your hair while changing the position during sleep, due to which the hair starts to break.

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Maintaining peak for 7-8 hours also does not properly result in blood circulation on oxygen and scalp in the hair. This is also a big reason for hair fall.

The problem of deteriorating hair shape – if you sleep with a peak in the night, it also worsens the shape of your hair. Waves can form in your hair, which can make the hair look bad. Especially if you sleep at night by making high ponytails, then the hair of your crown area is visible from getting up. In this case the hair is not easily set.


Complaint of baldness- In many cases, it has been observed that women who sleep at night and have a complaint of Alopecia. This is a problem associated with scalp, in which hair starts disappearing from a certain place. At scalp, patches begin and hair begins to fall, including roots. If seen, it is a sign of baldness. So sleeping at the peak at night is not considered good.

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Pain occurs in scalp- When you sleep at night after making a peak, it causes hair pulling, which can also cause headaches due to inflammation in the scalp. Sometimes sleeping with wet hair also causes headaches. If you want to tie your hair at night, then you should tie them very loosely. If you do loose ponytail instead of ponytail, then it will be better for your hair health.

Hair becomes dry – By tying hair at night, it also becomes dry. Actually, the flow of oxygen and blood circulation in the body during sleep at night is accelerated. If you tie your hair to sleep, then obviously oxygen does not reach the hair properly nor blood circulation can be done properly at scalp. In this case, it is common for the hair to be dehydrated.

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