soft lips in winter: Follow these surefire remedies to get soft lips in winter


Fashion desk. Friends, the winter season is almost over. Please tell that now winter has started slowly. Friends, our lips are most affected during the winter season, which become dry during the winter season or they begin to burst. Friends, almost every person is troubled by the problem of lip bruising during the winter season. In this season, most people use lip balm sold in the market to get rid of chapped lips, but they only get benefit for some time. Friends, Ayurveda has given many indigenous ways to get rid of chapped lips, today we are going to tell you one of the best remedies with the help of which you can make the cracked lips soft and soft in a few days. Friends, to get rid of chapped lips, mix 5 drops honey, half teaspoon sugar in a bowl and mix. Now with the help of your finger or brush, apply this mixture on your cracked lips at bedtime. Using this Ayurvedic remedy twice a week will make your cracked lips very soft and soft.


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