Special care should be taken to suffer an ulcer, otherwise it could be a big loss


If you have stomach ulcers, then you should completely abstain from these food items. Stomach ulcers are some special types of blisters that form a thin membrane on the walls of your digestive system.

Let me tell you that more than 90 lakh people in India are suffering from this serious disease. Although there is a cure for this, in this condition there is terrible pain and discomfort in the stomach. Apart from this, many other symptoms like swelling, nausea, acidity also make this condition more painful. Therefore, it is important to take care of your food, so that the pain does not increase. Some foods increase the amount of acid in the stomach, which can increase your problem.

That is why today you are telling about some such foods which you have to strictly avoid. Healthy eating and a stress-free lifestyle can make a difference in your health. However, if your discomfort is increasing, then after taking advice from a doctor, get the necessary treatment done so that this disease does not increase further.


Consumption of caffeine increases the amount of acid in your stomach. For this reason, patients with stomach ulcers should abstain from coffee so that the amount of acid in your stomach does not increase. Also, your health should improve quickly.

Chili-Spicy Food:

Several researches have shown that spicy food increases ulcers and worsens the situation. There is a burning sensation in the ulcers. So, avoid spicy food.

Baked Foods:

The amount of trans fat in baked foods is very high, due to which it increases the stomach acid. It causes burning sensation in the ulcer. Hence dieting from such substances is necessary.

White Bread:

It is also a food item that can worsen the condition of ulcers. Therefore, it is healthy to remove white bread completely from your food.

Red meat:

Red meat is very high in fat. For this reason, it makes the condition of ulcers more difficult. Therefore, it is important to abstain from red meat.


Excessive alcohol consumption spoils your digestive system. Therefore, people who have stomach ulcers should not drink too much alcohol. Apart from this, it has also been observed that people who drink more alcohol have a higher risk of ulcers.

Dairy Products:

Consumption of dairy products increases acidity in the stomach. The condition can become worse in the condition of ulcers. Therefore, keep away from milk and other dairy products until the ulcer is cured.

Apply lemon juice on such wounds, you will get relief soon


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