Success of married life: definitely pay attention to these things

Success of married life: definitely pay attention to these things

The success of married life depends on mutual harmony between husband and wife. If both live together in love and goodwill, then all is well in the family. Parents remain happy, children become cultured and obedient and visiting guests do not praise them.

On the contrary, in which house there is strife and prosperity, then wealth and prosperity all start running away. The happiness of the house disappears. Both husband and wife keep searching for excuses to quarrel to prove themselves super.

Everyday quarrels cause bad effects on children, affect their studies. Their development is affected. They become disorderly and defiant. Due to parental quarrels, those children become opportunistic. Leaving no chance to humiliate them in front of others.

Due to the mutual harmony of husband and wife, a house can become like heaven. Despite the shortages, they can take their life beyond this. He is respected everywhere. The smell of such houses spreads far and wide. People do not get tired giving examples of such ideal family.

In families where all the members do not believe in each other, there is mutual concern, everyone tries to degrade someone else, there is a lot of sorrows and sufferings. There is no peace in the house even if there is all kinds of happiness and prosperity. The unity of the house starts to wander as the mood increases.

The personality of the children of such houses standing on the verge of disintegration gets broken into pieces. Those children either become introverted or become rebellious. They feel ashamed to call relationships their own. They are only showing respect to their parents, they do so selfishly.

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Such houses are unable to live long, the silence of cremation in them becomes home. People living there do not see any kind of belongingness anywhere. Everybody keeps looking for opportunities to stay away from home and despised. Due to lack of solidarity in the house, everything gets scattered there. Nobody is able to achieve anything.

If any of the husband or wife becomes independent while living in the house or gets involved in extramarital affairs, then such relationship is not acceptable to anyone. Such relationships are not acceptable to the other partner on any condition.

Are the spouses not valid in society also? Due to these, the family comes to the brink of breakdown. This is a very sad situation, which has to be paid for the life of innocent children, who are responsible for the upbringing of both mother and father.

Men and women who stay out of the house due to any reason due to their responsibilities, there are situations where you are always there. Apart from this, where the man of the house is misguided or gets involved in anti-social activities, misfortune never leaves the house.

Every young man and woman enter into married life with golden dreams. No one wants his life to be filled with bitterness or to have situations of separation. They want to spend their lives successfully, making an example.

Success of marital life can be possible only when all the members of the house live like a closed fist. There should be the melody of you and us in place of yours and mine. Be it small or big everyone should respect each other’s feelings. Even with the mind, they should not harm anyone. You should completely abandon your prejudices and false pride, that is, you should put them home.

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If these small things are assimilated, then there is no reason why the household car cannot run successfully.


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