Such people are the biggest victims of Corona, are you not even among them?


Wonderful. Recently, a research has been done on the corona virus in which it is told that people are at greater risk of getting corona infection. In such a situation, if you are also among these people, then you should be more careful.CORONA VIRUS in india

Recent research has revealed that people with insomnia (sleepiness) are more at risk of getting infected with corona. But if the risk of infection with these extra hours of sleep in these people can be reduced by around 12 per cent. The team of scientists say that insomnia weakens our immune system, which increases susceptibility to diseases such as corona.

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The scientists released the findings after analyzing the results of a survey of 2,884 health workers. Scientists said that people who have insomnia problem are more likely to get corona infection. In this, scientists have advised people to get quality sleep during the Corona period. Along with this, physical activities were considered necessary.




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