If sweating occurs even in winter, then there can be symptoms of these diseases


Sweating is not common in winter, but some people become sweaty even in winter, if you have something similar with you, then you need to know these things.

This may also indicate a very small amount of sugar in your blood. Normal sugar level of an ordinary person should be about 70 to 100 milligrams in 1 dl of blood on an empty stomach.

Sometimes this has also happened due to stress or tension. When we are under a lot of stress, it is normal to have a cold or sweating heat. This situation can also be caused by fear.

It can also be caused by thyroid problems. The thyroid gland secrete a hormone that fully ensures how to use the energy stores in our body. If you are very upset with the problem of sweating even in winter, it may be that your thyroid is overactive or it can also be a good indication of the problem of hyperthyroidism.

If you are a woman and you feel hot even in the cold winter, then this can be an indication of about 85 percent that you are near the menopause. Apart from this, pregnancy can also be a strong reason for this.

Apart from all these reasons, drinking too much alcohol, heart problems and obesity can also be the reason for sweating in cold weather.


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