Take care of Shishu in rainy season, there will be no infection


Young children have very delicate skin and this is why they are susceptible to any kind of infection. Especially when the rainy season comes, young children have to take special care. Many precautions are required to keep your baby safe from diseases and infections occurring in this humid and humid climate.

If you have a small child in your home and you want to keep it from infection, then you have to take care of it apart from your baby products. Let’s know how to protect the child from infection during the rainy season.

1. Use non-chemical soap while bathing children. After bathing, wipe their body with soft and clean towels and then massage it like a moisturizer by mixing olive oil and almond oil.

2. Sometimes diapers also cause children rashes and infections. So clean the diaper area thoroughly and take care not to get wet. After bathing, massage the area with almond oil. Change diapers at regular intervals.

3. There are chances of getting rashes due to moisture in this season. To avoid this, keep in mind that your baby’s skin should be well hydrated. Also, do not use products with paraben, artificial color and alcohol on their skin.

4. Buy lotions that contain mustard oil with aloe vera. This will give full moisture to the skin and will not cause any infection.

5. Chances of itching and infection in the head also increase in this season. For this, you should clean their head regularly. Use the medicated shampoo that comes for children on the advice of a doctor.

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